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Our panel includes specifically selected clinicians with well developed facilitation skills. This external clinical facilitation of workshops and smaller groups is a game changer for our clients.


We can also provide a more directive approach if required where a client is stuck with implementing service improvements or where there are serious performance concerns.


We have clinical coaches with practical experience of clinical leadership within large healthcare organisations in addition to the coaching skills required to work “one to one” with clinical leaders.

Digital Transformation

The digital working environment for healthcare is rapidly evolving and is an increasing area of focus for clients, so we have developed a team of clinicians with specific digital expertise.

Welcome to Clinical Panel

The Clinical Panel was established in 2012 as a network of clinicians from various professional backgrounds who have come together to provide advisory services that require both clinical insight and management consultancy skills.  A unique proposition created to bridge the gap between the way clinicians work and the requirements of consultancy firms to make it easier for both.

The panel consists of a range of senior clinicians who bring national and international experience of health and care delivery, quality improvement and digital service development as well as a wide range of skillsets include facilitation, direction and coaching.

Our Experience

Health and care delivery, performance and quality improvement

This has ranged from forensic analysis of quality failure, quality improvement projects for acute trusts under strain as well as preparing organisations for CQC inspections. We provide knowledge of quality requirements and the methods to implement quality improvements.

Our Experience

Health and care systems, design and optimisation

Working with professional and patient groups our clinicians facilitate the development of clinical models of care. Bringing insights from successful programmes in the UK and internationally and the facilitation skills required to design and run effective multi-professional workshops.

Our Experience

Digital health services development

Our team of clinicians with specific digital expertise are increasingly in demand to support the development and transformation of existing care provision to digital models. This is an area that has been rapidly evolving to accommodate the coronavirus virus restrictions.

Our Experience

Health and care leadership and clinical engagement

Many of our clinicians have trust executive experience and are trained in coaching and mentoring. We deliver “one to one” mentoring support to individual board level clinicians, or a wider team to provide support to entire boards.

Who we work with

Our clinicians can support you throughout business cycles, from identifying opportunities, preparing propositions, successful pitching as well as being embedded in project teams delivering to a high standard and securing “follow on” arrangements.

Most of our work is in consultancy, but we do not wish to be restricted to that. We can flex to large and small opportunities, from local to international and in any setting or sector that requires clinical insights.

Consultancy Firms
Healthcare Providers
  • Consultancy Firms

    Most of our work is with larger consultancy firms on complex multidisciplinary projects. Our preferred way of working is through enduring relationships based upon service agreements rather than through per diem arrangements. This allows us to fully understand your business requirements and work alongside you with winning as well as delivering work.

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  • Consortia

    We have a range of partnership agreements with smaller consultancies, either for specific pieces of work or on longer term agreements. In our experience having access to our clinical panel is a valuable differentiator for you.

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  • Healthcare Providers

    We work directly with integrated care systems, commissioners and providers, such as hospital trusts, who are looking purely for clinical expertise to sit alongside their own clinical leaders working with internal project teams.  This direct approach is very cost effective for our clients both in the UK and worldwide.

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Why Clinical Panel?

Clinicians are taking a more prominent role in decisions to secure external support for organisations and systems undergoing change. Clinicians like working with clinicians and differentiating your project team as clinically competent is a critical success factor in winning client work.

The benefits of Clinical Panel

Our clinicians can support you throughout business cycles, from identifying opportunities, preparing propositions, successful pitching as well as being embedded in project teams to deliver to a high standard and secure “follow on” engagements.  Bringing strong industry insights, an understanding of the evidence base for service redesign as well as operational performance and stakeholder management, we add tangible value and differentiation to your project team.

Our Case Studies

Created to bridge the gap between the way clinicians work and the requirements of consulting firms, we bring together a group of highly experienced and respected clinicians with a broad our range of skills.  Our panel has clinical specialties that cover most of the clinical areas required by our clients and have been carefully chosen as having a blend of senior clinical and managerial experience along with the interpersonal skills required to support your project team.

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Panel Members

We have a carefully selected panel of clinicians each with a proven track record in their own speciality alongside their experience as clinical leaders locally, regionally and nationally. They also hold a broader range of additional skills, including facilitation, direction, coaching and digital transformation, that are required to help successfully deliver your project.  Read more about each of our panel members and the expertise they can bring.

Meet Our Panel

News & Insights

Read our latest news, clinical insights and advice.

August 25, 2020

The Corporate Blind Spot

The utilitarian/egocentric clash of cultures is driving a worrying divide between the corporate and the clinical communities. With the NHS financially

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    Client Testimonials

    “This is the first time we have had a whole system view of UEC in Ireland and we could not have done it without you”

    “Congratulations to all for such a great project. The response and feedback has been very positive. People felt genuinely engaged, respected, and valued. We’re all grateful for the tremendous efforts and the clear commitment of the Clinical Panel team. I’m sure we will build on this fantastic start and soar higher and higher to reach the “summit” of success we’re all aspiring to reach.”