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Skillsets of our Panel Members

We have a broad range of clinical specialities represented that cover most of the clinical areas required by our clients. Each of our clinicians is highly experienced and respected in their own clinical speciality. They have been carefully chosen as having a blend of senior clinical and managerial experience along with  the interpersonal skills required in a consulting environment.


Many of our client requests are for transforming service delivery, either within an organisation or across a system of care. Mostly they collectively have the knowledge, but struggle with bringing this together and implementing the changes.

It is often the clinicians who are being asked to change the way they work for transformation to occur. The clinicians therefore need to design the service changes for them to be effective. We have specifically chosen clinicians with very well developed facilitation skills. This external  clinical facilitation of workshops and smaller groups is a game changer for our clients.


A more directive approach can be required where a client is stuck with implementing service improvements or where there are serious performance concerns. Often these are due to poor relationships between local clinicians or difficult individual behaviours.

We offer some prominent and well respected clinicians with a national reputations who can be deployed to unblock these situations as part of the consulting delivery team.


Good clinical leadership is well recognised as vital for high quality care. But clinical leadership is a challenging and often lonely job. It sits at the interface of the clinical and the corporate agenda which may not be aligned.

We have a range of clinical coaches who have practical experience of clinical leadership within large healthcare organisations who have specifically developed the coaching skills to work “one to one” with clinical leaders.

Digital Transformation

The digital working environment for healthcare is rapidly evolving and accelerating to accommodate the coronavirus restrictions. It has an increasing focus for our clients requests.

We have responded by developing a team of clinicians with specific digital expertise. This spans from thorough long term knowledge of IT implementation programmes, software/app development, through to operational improvements through clinical informatics, board level responsibilities for digital transformation to commercial roles in the technology sector.

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Client Testimonials

“This is the first time we have had a whole system view of UEC in Ireland and we could not have done it without you”

“Congratulations to all for such a great project. The response and feedback has been very positive. People felt genuinely engaged, respected, and valued. We’re all grateful for the tremendous efforts and the clear commitment of the Clinical Panel team. I’m sure we will build on this fantastic start and soar higher and higher to reach the “summit” of success we’re all aspiring to reach.”