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Dr Jonathan Steel


GP leader with national, board, commercial and political experience. Jonathan brings highly developed facilitation skills, thought leadership and deep health and care strategy and operational experience.

After 28 years as a GP partner, Jonathan now devotes himself full time to advisory roles for health and care reform programmes in the UK and across the world. He set up Clinical Panel Ltd 5 years ago as a network of senior clinical advisors available for consulting projects and has 12 years of experience in his role as Senior Clinical Associate for PwC.

As the Chairman of the GP committee at the Royal College of Physicians he led the joint college’s  “Teams Without Walls” which laid the foundation for integrating primary and secondary care. He served as an elected District Councillor and has provided clinical advice for health policy development at Westminster for over 10 years, and served on the NHS national stakeholder forum which advises ministers on all aspects of health and care policy coherence.

Jonathan has also worked as a PCT medical director, a clinical expert on medicines adherence for NICE, GP advisor at the Department for Work and Pensions and Chairman of the Grafton Group, a learning set for senior leaders of 10 CCGs across the country.

His  international engagements include the Programme for Health Service improvement in Ireland, where he has led a redesign of the urgent and emergency care system, refresh of Clinical Governance and reform of older persons social care. He advises the Ministry of Health in Albania on a health service modernisation programme, proactive care for the Moscow City Authority, clinical leadership for the National Model of Care in Saudi Arabia and elderly care reforms in New South Wales, Australia.

In the UK, Jonathan has provided clinical leadership for “whole system” strategies in Lincolnshire, Morecambe Bay and Mid Nottinghamshire. Urgent Care redesign in North Wales and QIPP support programmes for 14 CCGs.