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Dr Harriet Leyland

MBChB FRCA MSc (Global Health Policy) FFMLM

A doctor and healthcare consultant with clinical, commercial and regulatory expertise. Harriet combines twelve years’ experience as a physician, in anaesthetics, ITU and primary care, with more than ten years in healthcare advisory positions.

Expertise includes: Innovation and development of health systems with experience of using new technologies in healthcare delivery including leading digital health and social care start-ups in the assurance and delivery of innovative services.

Service development, partnerships, and identification of international opportunities. Within the Department for International Trade, Healthcare UK she assisted in the pipeline development and brokering of deals which brought in export revenues of £350 million to the UK.

Redesign and implementation of clinical governance and risk management systems in organisations with a variety of needs and goals, for example rectifying the significant incident reporting and management system of GP out-of-hours organisations and redesign of clinical governance systems for a range of organisations. Up to date with the required assurance around health IT and the Clinical Safety standards (DCB0129, DCB0160), and part of the ongoing NHS Digital training program in this area.

Integrated health systems approach, my experience bridges the gaps between NHS and private health provision in the UK, social care and international health systems. Maintains knowledge of these systems and facilitates interaction between them and develop alternative systems solutions.

Through her portfolio Harriet provides strategic insight into the development of policy and practice in UK and international healthcare; and advises on the development of commercial health products and services, the interactions between international healthcare systems, clinical governance and quality improvement, and health promotion.