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Dr Christopher Hill


Chris is a consultant in Emergency Medicine and Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine and has become one of the first to complete the extensive subspecialty accreditation process for Pre-Hospital Emergence Care. Having been a consultant since 2013 he has quickly established himself as a high achieving leader in both clinical and system management. Chris is the clinical lead for the Emergency Department at the University Hospital Southampton and is involved at the very highest levels of system development and improvement.

Specific to the challenges of modern emergency care Chris is currently engaged in the development of a radical new way of managing emergency care, shifting paradigms, towards a new system more suited to the needs of a rapidly changing population. Success in this endeavour relies on both detailed and bigger picture thinking as well as the ability to work with a wide range of clinical and managerial experts. Pragmatism, attention to detail and ability to balance risk is very much at the heart of Chris’s approach.

Having completed an extensive training program in Pre-Hospital Care & Emergency Care across 3 countries, Chris has detailed knowledge and experience of health care systems from point of access to hospitalisation and beyond. Working for different Ambulance Services in the UK and Australia and with 3 different Air Ambulance operators, Chris has a wide exposure to the range of ways emergency care is organised and takes these experiences and knowledge to his role in the Hampshire & Isle of Wight Air Ambulance where he not only provides cutting edge clinical care but is a significant influencer in future development.