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Dr Charles Peebles


Charles is the Clinical Director of Radiology at the University Hospital of Southampton, one of the largest tertiary imaging departments in the UK. By training he is a clinical radiologist with a specialist interest in cardiac and thoracic imaging.

He has held a number of leadership roles in the NHS and beyond, having been President of the British Society of Cardiac Imaging, a board member of the British Society of Cardiovascular MRI, and an executive committee member of the European Society of Cardiac Imaging.

He has a longstanding interest in service development and has worked with the National Institute for Clinical Excellence on guidelines for the management of stable and acute chest pain. He has been an advisor on cardiac imaging to the Imaging council of the British Cardiac society and the National imaging council. He designed and co-chaired the UK departmental peer review process for CMR, and is currently working with the ESCR on a strategic plan for delivering cardiac imaging across Europe.