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Influencing clinical decision making behaviour, the job to be done

Influencing clinical decision making behaviour, the job to be done

Organisations spend money on some good technical things that consultancies sell them, such as organisational development, pathways design, financial risk models. But the hard stuff is the soft stuff, how much do we spend on change management, ie behaviours?

Clinical leaders are chosen because they have the skill to bring the clinical community to managing the corporate risk, but do we really value a clinical leader who reminds the board of the clinical risks? I have seen so many good clinical leaders moved on because they are perceived as not moving away from their clinical colleagues.

Every clinical community can sit down with its corporate community and define its own clinical decision making framework, here is a suggestion, its not perfect, but its good enough as a starter.


Once all of the elements of decision making are understood, through the clinical risk lens, not corporate risk lens. A focus on those elements which are in the gift of the clinical community can create a range of interventions that the corporate community can support .

If demand problems apply to your organisation, start a new conversation. Take your eye of the financial ball, understand the clinical behaviours, support decision making, and the money will look after itself.