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Working with a Consultancy on a Large Scale National Programme

National Model of Care Saudi Arabia

In 2017 Clinicians from Clinical Panel Ltd led the clinical team, alongside PwC Middle East to design the National Model of Care for the Ministry of Health in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi’s existing health system has evolved slowly, is not centrally planned and has a hospital focus on fixing organ based disease. Our objective was to create a holistic system that focused on prevention and proactive care in community settings as well as a responsive and integrated secondary care delivery system.

The PwC programme management team supported the Saudi Health Strategic Transformation Centre (HSTC). Clinical Panel Ltd provided clinical leadership, workshop design and facilitation with Better Value Healthcare providing and academic understanding of health system reform.

Clinical Panel Ltd provided the expertise and clinical leadership for three large scale Care Design Groups which covered 6 areas: Prevention, Proactive care for Long Term Conditions, Planned Care, Unscheduled Care, Maternity Care and End of Life Care.

Dr Jonathan Steel from Clinical Panel Ltd provided the expertise behind the approach, was the “master of ceremonies” for the large design sessions and facilitated the Unscheduled care workshops.

Around 300 clinicians from across the country attended the large clinical design workshops which were articulated into a visual model of care. This both described the care delivery as well as the structures and processes required to deliver the Clinical Model.

The new model of care is now being successfully delivered across the Kingdom.

Feedback from the client

“Congratulations to all for such a great project. The response and feedback has been very positive. People felt genuinely engaged, respected, and valued.  We’re all grateful for the tremendous efforts and the clear commitment of the Clinical Panel team.  I’m sure we will build on this fantastic start and soar higher and higher to reach the “summit” of success we’re all aspiring to reach.”

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